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Interview With Rick Nuske

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Hi, and welcome to the show! [coincidence? I think not…lol]

As the host of The Author Factor Podcast, Mike Capuzzi asked some great questions that explored my journey as a published author. Although there were many highlights, I enjoyed talking about podcasting as a business, and how content marketing is king. Not only did Mike ask great questions, he was the catalyst I needed to start promoting my new book “Welcome To The Show 1.0 The Complete Podcasting System for Your Small Business”. As a bonus, he also asked me about my podcast, The My Future Business Show. Thanks for being a great host Mike!

Did you know this was my first time promoting my new book as a guest on someone else’s podcast? This is a 180 degree pivot from my usual role as the host of The My Future Business Show. And I loved it. In the hours leading up to the interview, for the first time in many years, I was nervous. However, within a few minutes of starting the interview, my nerves melted away, and I started providing insights into my conversion-focused podcasting strategy, that as a business owner, you can introduce into your own business with minimum outlay, commitment, and some practice to get into the swing of it.

If you’re a business owner wondering how this podcast marketing thing can help grow your business, I have this to add. As long as there are problems people [your ideal customers] need solved, and as long as there is a need for communication to help them better define the problem and then share how your business can help solve it, there will be a need for podcast marketing inside your business. 

When you set up your own podcast marketing system, and combine it with the best of direct marketing principles, you will no longer be destined to spend [and waste] hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on pay per click marketing which often leaves you without a justifiable result. To me, pay per click advertising is kind of like burning money, and those running these advertising platforms [and you know who you are!] have become very good at draining your back pocket before you even know what hit you!

I’ve proven that the counter to burning your money with PPC, is podcast marketing. You create evergreen content, either by appearing on The My Future Business Show as my guest, or you set up your own conversion-focused podcast marketing system using what you find inside “Welcome To The Show 1.0 The Complete Podcasting System for Your Small Business”. Your third option is to do nothing, in which case nothing will change inside your business.

As a published author, [wow, did I just say that?] I’m humbled by all of the inputs, advice and experiences I’ve had with amazingly skilled people over the years that resulted in my first book Welcome To The Show 1.0 The Complete Podcasting System for Your Business. I never thought I’d make it, but I did. So, if you’re at the start of your writing journey, you can do it, I have faith in you. As Nike says “Just Do It!”

Now, also briefly mentioned during the interview, was my private coaching and consulting service which is focused entirely on getting your conversion-focused podcast system up and running as soon as possible. Given the popularity of this service, not all applicants are successful. That being said, to book 10 minutes with me to see where you’re at in your business right now, and to discuss your promotional goals and so forth, click on the link below. I look forward to talking with you!

As a quick way to connect with me, I want to also invite you to join me inside the My Future Business PODCASTING CENTRAL Facebook Group where you can ask me anything you like about podcasting, podcast marketing and general business questions. I have a lot of business building experience that can help transform your business.

To thank you for taking the time to listen to the interview, and for reading this long-winded post, I also want to give you a free copy of the book. To download your copy, click on the download book button link below. Inside the book, you will have an opportunity to set up time with me, and importantly, provide your feedback about the book. I would love to hear your feedback and improvement ideas.

In closing, to learn more about the topics discussed, or to book some time to talk about introducing podcast marketing into your business, click the link below.

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