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Interview With Rob Cornilles The Sales Game Changer

Interview with Rob Cornilles

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s call, I have the pleasure of spending time with author, founder and CEO at Game Face Inc.  Rob Cornilles talking about the genesis of Game Face Inc., and his Amazon international best-selling book "The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love”.

Rob began Game Face Inc. 25+ years ago, and was originally focused on the highly competitive world of sports and entertainment companies. After pioneering sales training for those industries with more than 300 brands (NFL, NBA, MLB, MGM Resorts, Madison Square Garden, Disney Shows, etc.), he began getting numerous requests from Corporate America.

For context, Rob has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, FOX-TV, Sports Business Journal, FOX News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, and numerous local television and radio programs, newspapers, and podcasts throughout the United States.

During the call, Rob shares insights into his game-changing sales approach that is being used in an increasing number of industries including tech, manufacturing, consumer products, professional and financial services, and media. This is a sure-fire strategy to get your business up and running.

If you want to know Rob’s game-changing sales approach that’s being used in start-ups to enterprise level businesses, and in a wide range of industries from tech to manufacturing, professional services to finance, and various mid to large markets, then be sure to listen in to this call.

When you buy Rob’s book, you also get access to his complimentary Master Class that will tap into his experiences and stories from some of the biggest brands in the world, and helps to explain elements of his book in an easy-to-understand way.

To get your cop of The Sales Game Changer, or to contact Rob directly, click on the link below…

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