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Hi, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

If you’re looking to start your own small business, then do I have a treat in store for you!

My next guest will not only help you get that early momentum that often alludes start-up entrepreneurs, he will also work with you towards creating your own, as he calls it, ‘smart little business’.

With that said, it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce, ROBERT GERRISH to the show.

Now, Robert is not only the founder of FLYING SOLO, which happens to be the largest, most successful forum dedicated to helping small business owners, he’s also an accomplished book author, with his latest book being ‘The 1-Minute Commute’.

During the call, Robert shares some incredible business insights, and also reveals some of the things he does every day to maintain a balanced body, mind and spirit, whilst continuing to serve others in the Flying Solo community.

Flying Solo is the largest online forum where small business owners go to get results. And although Robert sold Flying Solo a little while back, he still has an active part of the business.

This is both a wonderfully light, but insightful call…that I know you will get a lot of value from.

For more information about ‘The 1-Minute Commute’, or to contact Robert, click the button below link…

Contact Robert Gerrish

Thanks again Robert, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

My Future Business

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