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Interview with Roger Hardy KITS Eyecare

Roger Hardy Co-Founder and CEO at KITS Eyecare

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, co-founder and CEO at KITS Eyecare, Mr. Roger Hardy talking about the genesis of KITS Eyewear, how they’re disrupting the eyecare industry, and their plans for the future.

KITS is a rapidly growing, digital eye care platform providing eyewear for eyes everywhere. They offer customers access to a vast selection of contact lenses and eyeglasses, including their own exclusive KITS designed products, as well as a robust suite of online vision tools.

KITS have an efficient digital platform, that is backed by their industry-leading manufacturing and designs, that removes intermediaries and enables them to offer great prices and deliver made to order personalized products with incredible care and accuracy.

KITS is creating disruption in the industry by constantly pursuing cutting-edge technologies to enable the best customer experience, including online eyewear fitting tools, virtual try-on for glasses, and an integrated online vision test.

If you are in the market for eyecare, KITS eyecare Ltd. are there to delight you. They offer competitive prices, a convenient digital shopping experience, fast and reliable delivery options, and an unrelenting focus on earning their customers.


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To learn more about KITS, or to contact Roger directly, click the link below.

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