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My Future Business Interview with RUBEN DUA

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with speaker, founder and CEO of popular video communications tool ‘DUBB’ Prof. RUBEN DUA.

As a very condensed synopsis, during the call Ruben and I explore his entrepreneurial journey including the genesis of this amazing one-stop-shop video creation tool.

Ruben and I talk in-depth about business, mindset, and how he sees video fitting into a wide range of businesses, across various niches.

We also explore ideas and concepts that all entrepreneurs should consider as they go about building their own amazing businesses. Video obviously playing a big part of that picture.

So, What Is DUBB?

Dubb is a video communication platform that lets you create and share trackable screen and camera videos to help you streamline your communication and grow your business. Dubb - Video Your Self.

Now, I was fortunate to stumble across DUBB as part of a promotional deal that Ruben and his team were running about a year back now. From that time, DUBB has become an essential part of my business.

As an example, almost every day I use DUBB to create short videos that communicate a message. It could be a thank you video, an invite to be my guest on the show, and I sometimes even use the multiple embed options to make my DUBB videos a permanent part of my sales pages.

Not only have I found DUBB to be amazingly quick, it has become my go-to tool when I want to communicate on a human level. On that, DUBB has most certainly helped me make dozens of new connections, which in turn, has helped me grow my own business.

For me, the best part about how DUBB works, is there are no downloads. I simply my Chrome browser, click record, and in minutes I have a video uploaded to their super-fast platform.

This platform is beyond easy to use, and importantly, it does so much more than just capture your face-time videos. You can use it to do screen capture videos, with or without your face on the video.

Into email marketing and automation? If so, you can take advantage of DUBB’s in-built email and automation workflow system to keep in contact with your audience on autopilot.

Want in-depth reporting on video interactions, then DUBB has a complete set of metrics that help you gain insight into how your videos are performing. Click rates, watch rates, reactions and more.

Want to create landing pages? DUBB even has an in-built landing page builder which would normally be a product on its own. And the thing I love the most, is that you can fully customize the video page that opens when someone opens your video to view your video. Branding is everything!

When customizing your video pages, not only can you change the way it looks, you have the ability to add multiple call to action buttons to any destination. Add to that, DUBB has native integrations with various third-party platforms including booking systems, including one that I use daily, which is Book Like A Boss.

In closing, if you’re serious about your business, and want to learn from a true industry leader, then this call is not to be missed.

There is an abundance of valuable content on this call, and too many features and benefits to your business to talk about here. So, instead, I highly suggest that if you haven’t seen or tried DUBB yet, then click on the link below and check it out!

Buy DUBB via the blue button below and get 10% off...You're Welcome!

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Thanks again Ruben, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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