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Branding Between The Ears Sandeep Dayal

Branding Between The Ears author Sandeep Dayal

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s call I have the pleasure of welcoming Author, Consultant and Managing Director at Cerenti Marketing Group, Sandeep Dayal, to talk about his book Branding Between the Ears, and we explore the importance of rethinking how to appeal to consumers using cognitive science to build lasting customer connections and epic brands.

Sandeep a seasoned marketing and strategy leader at the consulting firm Cerenti Marketing Group. He serves as a counsellor to C-suite executives and board members at Global Fortune 500 companies and has helped clients build blockbuster brands in markets spanning the EU, Latin America, Asia and the US. He has co-authored articles in Marketing Management, McKinsey Quarterly and Strategy+Business.

During this content-rich call, Sandeep shares that your brand is what peoples' brains make of it. And in his book, Right Between the Ears, he lays out an entirely new approach, based on years of development and real-world testing, that he calls Cognitive Branding, for designing and building epic brands.

Sandeep uses the theories of behavioural science to understand how to successfully market a brand, and has used his concept of 'cognitive branding' with top brands like Kraft, Phillips, Unilever and Mastercard to name just a few.

During this wonderfully content-rich call, Sandeep reveals how findings from brain science are used in marketing, and how savvy marketers are now turning to the cognitive sciences to understand exactly how the brain works and leveraging that knowledge to forge conscious and subconscious connections with consumers. This cutting-edge approach enables marketers to engage consumers more viscerally. The result: the creation of truly iconic brands.

Importantly, with new information to draw on from the cognitive sciences, marketers have discovered that many old branding methods are actually ineffective. For instance, scare tactics, like those often used in anti-smoking or substance misuse campaigns, can trigger the behavior they’re designed to prevent.

Despite the hype around increasing market competitivity, consumer attention span is not getting shorter. In fact, subconsciously they are as long as ever before. Additionally, marketers that can re-imagine their brands around the stories that consumers want to tell can create lasting bonds with them.

To learn more about Branding Between the Ears and to harness the power cognitive science to create lasting customer connections and build epic brands, or to contact Sandeep directly, click the link below.

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