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Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of The My Future Business Show!

On the show today, my guest, SASHA LAGHONH [pronounced ‘la-go’], and I, deep dive into business, organizational and human behaviour, team building, process improvement, and much more.

Sasha holds a Masters of Business Administration [MBA] and has more than fifteen years experience working with private and commercial clients.

As a seasoned MBA professional, Sasha’s specialises in Organisational & Human Behaviour, which gives her the unique ability to speak with authority on several topics.

This call is jam-packed with great content that’s focused directly at business owners who are looking to improve the way in which they operate their business. One not to miss!

Sasha reveals some experienced-based insights, that you simply cannot read in a book, or expect to know much about unless you’ve worked in the trenches where the real issues reveal themselves.

I really enjoyed having a conversation with Sasha, as the topics we discuss are fundamental to owning, running and growing a sustainable business.

Sasha, thank you for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

To contact Sasha directly, visit:


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