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My Future Business Interview with Sasha Laghonh

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with speaker, author and business consultant Sasha Laghonh.

Sasha holds an MBA and specializes in Organizational & Human Behavior which grants her a broad base from which to work deeply on a wide range of topics.

In her pastime, Sasha enjoys travelling, exploring global music, cooking and raising awareness of social causes.

Sasha's work is presented through various media appearances and private speaking engagements. She is a frequent guest on FM/AM radio and worldwide platforms, including events, and educates audiences on cultivating optimal business & life strategies, coaching talent and leaders, and personal development.

To complement her career, Sasha is also a spiritualist with abilities that allow her to deliver intuitive insights derived from questions possessing various degrees of complexity.

During the call, Sasha shares insights into ways that we can navigate the present business transitions in the markets during these difficult times, and shares time management and remote work strategies for individuals new to this transition.

We also talk about Sasha’s latest book ‘Kashing Karma 2’ which is a book which focuses on the shifts in talent acquisition and retention in the marketplace. This is Sasha's follow up book which revisits the job markets by studying the shifts in the North America and remote market in the past two years.

We talk about many different topics during the call, including how you can apply the present time to capitalize on your skills, interests and passions, and how you can refine your life choices and implement those decisions.

To access “Kashing Karma 2”, or to contact Sasha directly to see how she can help you, click the link below.

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Thanks again Sasha, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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