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My Future Business Show Interview With SEAN DOLLINGER

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with Sean Dollinger who is a serial entrepreneur, ecommerce specialist and founder of the publicly traded platform ‘PlantX’ which, as Sean explains, is ‘the platform of plant-based living’.

With PlantX, Sean is on an incredibly important mission to help people live a longer, healthier, better quality of life, and during the call, Sean shares his vision for PlantX and the evolution of the wider plant-based community.

To give context to today’s call, when he was only 17, Sean started a delivery company that quickly grew into the largest of its type in Canada. In 2014, he launched Namaste Technologies—his first public company. Since leaving Namaste in March of 2019, Sean has gone on to provide advisory services for three public companies which have seen their market caps double in just three short months.

During the call, Sean provides insight into how PlantX came to be, and shares why he is very proud of their achievement thus far. Most tellingly, Sean is excited to see how quickly PlantX has become one of the first five companies in the plant-based space, that he knows of, to go public.

Part of Sean’s personal journey involves his former struggles with his weight, and during the call, he shares what it was like to lose 60lbs and keep it off. During the conversation, Sean expands on the benefits that come from maintaining a healthy weight with the help of a plant-based diet and supporting lifestyle.

A big focus of PlantX is educating people through the weekly PlantX vodcast which provides the platform to have your questions answered live and direct from those who are running the business. In addition, PlantX is supported by incredibly talented professionals from a wide selection of backgrounds including the head of Cardiology, and the head of Wellness, both from Stanford University, along with many other talented individuals.

As an ecommerce platform, PlantX helps plant-based businesses gain exposure to their products and services, and helps them become well-known; in turn, as a result of their marketing and promotional efforts, businesses that are accepted onto the PlantX platform, benefit from additional exposure and real-time feedback from consumers.

In addition to helping thousands of plant-based businesses promote their products that in turn, serve their growing consumer base, PlantX also offers an online shop, meal delivery, indoor plants, recipes and gifts.

In closing, this is a wonderful call packed with insights that apply to those looking to get involved with PlantX either as a supplier, investor or consumer looking for healthy alternatives.

To learn more about PlantX, or to contact Sean directly, click the link below.

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