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My Future Business Show Interview With Sharon Bolt

My Future Business Interview with Sharon Bolt

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with business owner, author and publicity expert at Get Free Publicity Today, Sharon Bolt.

Sharon has been a successful business owner and entrepreneur for more than two decades, and her businesses have included complementary therapies, dog training, and most notably, her publicity work.

Sharon has contributed to more than fifty local and national newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows, and has received more than two million dollars in free publicity and free advertising.

Sharon regularly contributes to Entrepreneur, and has written for the HuffPost. She has been interviewed on many premium podcasts, and has also co-authored two highly acclaimed books called ‘Successful Women in Business’ and ‘Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business’.

Today, Sharon’s main focus is teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to build a brand, increase visibility and grow their business by creating win-win situations with the media using clever publicity strategies.

During the call, Sharon talks about the power of podcasting, and shares how podcast appearances are especially effective for business owners who are serious about getting ongoing media exposure.

If you’re ready to get booked for your next podcast interview, Sharon has a special offer available for people who want to get booked to be on podcast shows, called ‘These Podcast Show Hosts Are Looking For You!'.

Sharon's free training is called '5 Steps That Get You In Front of THOUSANDS of Your Dream Clients & Positions You as the Go-To-Expert in Your Niche...FAST!

To learn more about how to get booked, or to set up a free breakthrough session, click the links below.

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