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Shot Gun Email Kills Amateur

shotgun email marketing
If you’re like many business owners, you’re probably screwing up  your email marketing campaigns.
That’s if you’re using email marketing at all.
You might even be thinking to yourself that any email communication must surely be better than nothing, right? 
Maybe you just send a barrage of emails to the people on your list…leading to list burn out and soaring complaint rates?
Keep that up and no-one will trust you or bother opening your emails. Worse, they won’t ever buy from you again and you’ll end up their spam folder!
Stop a second and ask yourself: are you an amateur who’s still using outdated marketing techniques? If you said yes, you need to stop and reassess how you use email in your business. Maybe you’ll make a little money this way, but I doubt that it will be as much as you’d like.
Using a Shot Gun Approach to Email Marketing Kills Amateurs!
That said, to be a leading email marketer, you need to have a much more sophisticated approach for writing and sending messages that will not only be opened, but read and an action taken towards buying what you offer.
You must do everything you can to avoid poisoning your list!
A few more questions for you to answer…
Do you really want to have to continually replenish your email list with new subscribers?
Do you want to kill your reputation?
I didn’t think so. Fortunately, there’s a proven way for you to start creating high performing campaigns. Better still, you don’t have to be an-overachiever to succeed, you don’t need a marketing degree or decades of experience to be an effective email marketer.
My guess is that you’re probably writing your emails without any consideration…and without a solid basis that will allow you to set up your email campaigns with confidence and send them without a second thought.
Stop acting like an email marketing amateur. Once you know how, email marketing will unlock your full potential and give you confidence unlike anything you’ve experienced.

There’s a formula that has to be followed. Some rules that must be applied for you to succeed with email marketing, and I want you to have all of them.

But before you get access to them, promise yourself that you’ll stop using a shot-gun approach to your email marketing. You have to if you want to lift your game and get the response you want from your subscribers.

Stop short-cutting your messages by taking a lack lustre approach to content, structure and email strategy. You can do better, and you must do better if you want to experience email marketing success.

Don’t despair, I was once where you are right now, and I feel your frustration.

That’s why I want you to get access to your own copy of Email Marketing Success right now.

Go ahead, download your own copy of Email Marketing Success today.


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