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Johnathan More Starr Peak Mining

Interview with Johnathan More CEO Starr Peak Mining

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, CEO and Chairman of Starr Peak Mining Jonathan More talking about Gold and other commodities, VMS deposits and the bright future that awaits Starr Peak Mining.

Starr Peak Mining Stock Symbols (TSX-C: STE & US: STRPF)

Johnathan has over 20 years of experience in North American and European capital markets focused on natural resource industries. He had a history of achievement from his years with Canaccord Capital. In August 2008, Johnathan retired from Canaccord Capital as an investment advisor to apply his experience and contacts to the public company sector.

During the call, Johnathan shares how a company called Amex Exploration hit some big holes near the property owned by Starr Peak, which is not only the property right next door, but also the crown jewel of the region, the past-producing mine, where modern drilling has never been conducted and that's where the mother lode, the main vein, the source of the mineral riches, is believed to be located.

Johnathan goes on to say that what's amazing is that Amex's stock has since already moved up by 700%, but Starr Peak has not even doubled yet, so it's like a second chance to participate in a mad gold rush that's still in its infancy. Thus, Starr Peak Mining is a company that’s defying gravity right now and moving on its own merit, irrespective of market weakness or flatness. Starr Peak is fast becoming a big under-the-radar winner that has the potential to become a huge success story, even more so than it is right now.

The crucial component of this story is that Starr Peak Mining have discovered something so rare that it is literally considered the holy grail of the mining world, since so few companies have ever discovered it. It has eluded the major players for a century: A VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide) deposit, with rock containing multiple base metals, including zinc, copper, silver, and gold! Starr Peak was after gold, but what it encountered on its first drill hole was much more.

Because of the strong drilling results that Starr Peak has announced in recent months, an unprecedented collaboration has happened: right before Starr Peak announced its maiden drill results with evidence of a VMS discovery, the Chairman and founder of Amex was appointed as Starr Peak’s Chief Technical Advisor. That’s Dr. Jacques Trottier, PhD, a seasoned geologist, with experience on VMS-type deposits.

The best place to find a huge gold deposit is right next to another mine, so it's critical to keep in mind that this was the original strategy of both Amex Exploration and Starr Peak was to purchase a project right next to the past-producing Normetal Mine. Contained within the property is Normétal, a mine that produced more than ten million tonnes of ore, containing gold, silver, copper and zinc, between 1926 and 1975. The mine was so productive that a town of the same name sprang up around it. For Starr Peak, this is like drilling in a treasure box.

To learn more about Starr Peak Mining, or to contact Jonathan directly, click the link below.

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