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My Future Business Interview with Sonji and Stephen Millet

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

If you’re looking to enter into a loving relationship with a solid foundation, or you’re already in a relationship and are looking for ways to reignite the bliss between you and your partner, then this call is for you!

With that in mind, on today’s episode of The My Future Business Show, I have relationship bliss coaches Sonji and Stephen Millet on the call with me.

Now, Sonji and Stephen are not only relationship bliss coaches, they are also motivational speakers and best-selling authors with their relationship-focused book ‘Talk Straight Dammit’ - which you can find on their website via the link below.

Talking Straight Dammit is about igniting the bliss in your life and creating life affirming relationships. This is done by facing your negative limiting beliefs and turning them into positive actions that help you create the life that you want and deserve.

Relationships are all around us. They’re everywhere, they are integral to the way we co-exist, but they can also be the most challenging experience we have during our lifetime.

With that as the starting point of today’s call, one of the key takeaways for me is the need to have a successful relationship with another person, first you need to have a good relationship with yourself. And from that point forward, we can engage in a relationship that is happy and fulfilling.  

There’s a lot of practical insight and advice on this call, so, be sure stick around to learn more about how Sonji and Stephen can help you with their book, and their relationship coaching program ‘Blisstopia University’.

For more information about Talk Straight Dammit and the Bliss University, or to contact Sonji and Stephen, click the following link...

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Sonji, Stephen, thanks again for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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