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 #TCS2015 Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer

Traffic and Conversion Summit Sydney Australia July [10 – 12] 2015#TCS2015

There’s one word that should explain how I, and possibly 700+ people are feeling right now; and that one word is: WOW.

Peter Drucker is quoted as saying…“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

And that’s exactly why I attended Ryan Deiss’ inaugural Digital Marketer event held in beautiful Sydney, Australia in July 2015.


After flying in late afternoon on the Thursday prior to the event, I decided to try out the airport link system through to Town Hall. On arriving I stepped off the train and into the Town Hall Platform where I was met by a crazy rush of human traffic. This intense experience made me think about how we each see ‘traffic’. What was obvious at that moment is that none of us have a traffic problem…we just need to know where it is and get in front of it when we need it.

Anyway…on the first night I found it really hard to settle. I was built up with so much anticipation that I found it almost impossible to sleep.

‘This event was going to be very different!’

A lack of sleep didn’t matter too much as I’d planned ahead to make my experience much more enjoyable. In hindsight, my decision to stay at the Hilton [where the event was being held] was a good one. I did this so I could get up at a leisurely time, chow down some breakfast and make sure to get a good seat.

On the first night I was in town, a good crowd gathered to network at the Hilton Zeta Bar which is not only beautiful, it was filled with like-minded individuals who all had a story to tell. My only wish was that I had more time with each of you to learn more. That said, I do have your details and I’ll definitely be in touch.


On the second night attendees networked on Hilton’s level 4 conference area reserved exclusively for VIP guests. We were introduced to Network Ten’s Shark Tank host Janine Allis [Boost Juice]. This was a very special treat and one I won’t forget. Inspirational is probably the best word for it.


Each day we arrived to find a new book on our table if you were a ‘VIP’, or on the seat for those with ‘All Areas Access’ [who knows why they called it that?].

The first book we received was Ryan’s Invisible Selling Machine [click to check it out].

I was fortunate to be able to chat one on one a couple of times with Ryan Deiss and have him personally sign my copy with the following special message…

“Rick, This Journey Is Long, So Test, Prove, Then Automate”

Click the book cover below to see more.



We also received a copy of Naomi Simson book “Live What You Love” Unfortunately, Naomi didn’t mix and mingle after her presentation.

That said, Naomi’s talk was captivating. I now know how much she loves her family and her ‘guard dog’. 

Click the book cover below to see more.


And last but not least, we received a copy of Janine’s book “The Secrets Of My Success” which was signed with an inspirational message that will remain my personal secret.

Janine’s talk was particularly impressive in that her story talked about struggle, countless failures, but most of all, persistence and belief in her idea.

Click the book cover below to see more.


And on the final night, I had the pleasure of mingling with VIP guests on the VIP dinner cruise around Sydney harbour.

This was not only a highlight, it was where I made some significant connections. By the way, if you’re just starting out and afraid of ‘networking’ [like I was when I first started] – don’t be – at events like this, you’re amongst friends with common goals who love to help. Nike says: “Just Do It!” [so do it!]


Over 700 people had an amazing time at an incredibly entertaining, insightful and valuable digital marketing event brought to Australia for the very first time…thanks to the team at Digital Marketer. ‪#‎TCS2015 “I’m Smarter”

I was fortunate to hang out and talk with Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, Janine Allis, sponsors and the entire support team at the event. I congratulate and tip my hat to this special group of people for their willingness to share their expertise and their ability to create a community feel throughout the event.

In fact, to be totally open about it, I really felt at home and I even felt a twinge of sadness at the end – where did those three days go? It’s true…time flies when you’re having fun!

The opening session was presented by Ryan Deiss [no surprises there] on the future of digital marketing; and on reflection, the focus on “the future” throughout the event by each speaker spoke volumes about our existing mission at My Future Business.


I’ve always believed that if you want more out of your business, attending events like this is an absolute must! Do it once and you’ll be hooked and hungry.

There were just too many highlights and ‘AHA’ moments to summarize but I definitely learnt a lot for the team at My Future Business to implement. Hence not hesitating to purchase the event video. “Content Packed” would be an understatement.

Ryan Deiss Onya Mate!


Due to the volume of content shared during the event, I’ve decided to put together a list of bullet points for you to consider.

Don’t try take it all in a once, come back later when you need a refresher.

Takeaway’s & AHA Moments…

  • Must have clear mission [a single paragraph], vision, values ad end-dates to help take your team with you
    • Naomi talked about her son’s team rowing and her book ‘Boys On The Boat’ – where she says that the performance of the individual doesn’t matter, it’s the precision and clarity of the mission and collective timing [rowing at the same time] that matters.
  • Do ONE thing well first – many unfinished bridges exist because of too much choice and a lack of focus on achieving one thing properly.
  • Ask for the sale otherwise prospects will always just take for free.
  • Focus your message [copy] around taking your prospects/customers from a ‘before state’ to an ‘after state’.
  • Marketing processes follow a natural path of human relationships – you must “plant, fertilize, harvest” – there are no short cuts.
  • Treat different people differently – different stages of a relationship and different interests demand a different approach.
  • There are three main funnels – acquisition, activation, conversion.
  • We do not have a traffic problem – if you want traffic, buy it – you will pay what you will pay per click – the person who can spend the most wins.
  • ‘Gamify’ your business – make it fun – e.g. airport business isle versus standard passenger is gamification – gamification is used everywhere.
  • Future of on-line is not PC / MAC – its MOBILE – prediction: millenniums will generally not use desktops – they will use MOBILE.
  • We are not sellers of products or services – we are media just as Apple is a media business – be market-centric NOT product/service-centric.
  • Successful businesses will be in the ENTERTAINMENT business. So be entertaining. Only focus on features/benefits at the right stage of the relationship.
  • Media births new media – splinter businesses exist inside your existing business.
  • Continuity is king of cash flow – consider if it’s right for your business to create a monthly, quarterly or annual continuity program.
  • The truth – being an entrepreneur is hard – takes a long time and there are no promises. Be comfortable with that and get on with it.
  • Have an opinion, take a position on important topics – be comfortable polarizing opinions – be evocative not provocative.
  • Build your business with content driven relationships – build a raving tribe who know, like and trust you.
  • Test, prove, & only once proven, only then automate with systems.
  • Be your AUTHENTIC self. e.g. don’t want to wear suit and tie – then don’t.
  • On-page / off-page optimization is necessary for load speed e.g. reduce image size e.t.c.
  • Pixels – Facebook, Google [re-targeting] – drive to blog first then pixel [drop a ‘cookie’] on their computer. There’s a pixel rush – get yours without delay!
  • The big secret: he/she who pixels the most visitors wins! [refer DM Boomerang EP].
  • Focus on great customer care – this is the difference between good and great businesses.
  • Be a story teller – we’ve all been conditioned to love stories since childhood.
  • Get good at networking – simply open your mouth, say something, and watch the magic happen.
  • Split testing when applicable – make sure to test statistically significant traffic sample sizes. Significant means a sample size of at least N=100. 
  • Google’s behavioural targeting – future where automated ads will replace keyword searches with automatic bidding based on such factors such as weather, behaviour and so on.

There’s so much more than I’ve listed above. If you want to know more, make contact with me and I’ll gladly share it with you.

Speakers at the event included…


Thanks Go Out To…

Janine’s memorable quotes:

‘Be obsessive compulsive, totally responsible, take ownership of self and the solution and be accountable’

‘Be petrified and shitting yourself – that way you know you’re in the right place in your business’

‘Ride the roller coaster, not the roundabout – roundabouts are predictable and boring – go for the excitement of the ups and downs that go with being an entrepreneur’

‘Accept that life is a pendulum and that there is no such thing as work life balance’

‘As entrepreneurs accept that you must work continuously and be ok with it’

I’d also like to send a special thanks Richard Lindner [President of Digital Marketer] for taking some time out to talk with me about the future of Digital Marketer and for signing my book and sharing some words of wisdom.


Event Sponsors…

The event’s platinum sponsor was Infusionsoft; other sponsors included ClickBank, Mobit and Redback Events.

Here are their contact URL’s should you want to make contact with them. [Note: the Infusionsoft URL is an affiliate link].

The Mix & Mingle List…

I wanted to give a warm shout out to the entrepreneurs I connected with during the event. And in doing so, my hope is that My Future Business can contribute to an increase in their networks and net-worth.

Click on the links below and check them out.

Where To From Here?

So if you missed Traffic & Conversion Summit 2015, be absolutely committed to attending the next one. The other choice is to stay home and be OK with being a few steps behind the eight-ball using out of date strategies and tactics. Just know that the digital marketing environment is evolving and as an ever changing landscape, you should always source the latest from those who are leading the way in digital marketing.

If I had to place a bet on which ‘horse’ would win the race to provide top-tier digital marketing education, my money would be on the team at Digital Marketer.

If you’d like to hear more about the event straight from the horse’s mouth, drop me a message via our contact page I’d be happy to spend some time with you to answer your questions. 

I want to leave you with Nick Bowditch’s simple but effective ‘secret weapon‘…which is simply: Be kind and have fun.

All the best…Rick Nuske

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