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The Key Differences You Need To Know

Trying to decide between Thrive Landing Pages and LeadPages?

Read this first because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Thrive Landing Pages and LeadPages are two fundamentally different products. Yes, they do many of the same things, but at their core, they are different.

The biggest difference between the two solutions comes down to this:

LeadPages is a hosted solution. Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin.

What does this mean?

You can use LeadPages without having to build a website. On the other hand, Thrive Landing Pages will only work if you have a self-hosted website running WordPress (WordPress is the web’s most widely used CRM).

You can’t use Thrive Landing Pages if you don’t have a website or if your website doesn’t use WordPress. If that’s the case, then LeadPages is probably a better solution for you.

So, why does it make sense to compare Leadpages to Thrive Landing Pages?

If you have a self-hosted site running WordPress, you can use Thrive Landing Pages AND LeadPages. This makes things more interesting if you’re trying to decide between the two. Obviously, as the creators of Thrive Landing Pages, we are biased, but we’ve done our best to keep this comparison as objective as possible.

The goal of this post is to help you make an informed decision on the two products and answer the question: “what’s the difference between the two?”

This is how this comparison page is organized:

First, a comparison between Thrive Landing Pages to the “Standard” level of LeadPages. To be honest, it’s not a very helpful comparison.

Second,  a comparison of the Thrive Membership Suite to the “Pro” level of LeadPages. Their price points are closer and the features they offer are more comparable. It’s a much more helpful comparison…

Thrive Landing Pages vs. LeadPages (Standard Level)



Feature Comparison


Thrive Landing Pages

LeadPages Standard

Template Library
Affiliate Program
Welcome Gate (or Equivalent)
Exit Intent Pop-ups
Marketing Tool Integrations
LeadBox (or Equivalent)
SEO Optimized
Customer Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
A/B Testing & Built in Analytics
Own Your Pages
Build From Scratch Drag & Drop
No Monthly Fees
Facebook Integration
No Website Required
Sort Landing Pages by Conv. Rate
LeadLinks (or Equivalent)
LeadDigits (or Equivalent)


The MAJOR differences between the two products are price and core functionality (i.e. WordPress plugin vs. hosted solution).

As I said in the beginning, this comparison is really only helpful if you own a website running WordPress (if you don’t, you can’t use any Thrive product). If this is the case, then when you examine the above comparison table there are only small feature differences, but huge price differences between the two products.

These two products are entry level products for each of the companies and if you’re interested in them, you’re probably more on the beginner side of building the online part of your business​. As a beginner, a larger decision factor is price, especially if the products are similar feature-wise.

For a budget conscious buyer, Thrive Landing Pages, is clearly a better choice.

If you’re further along in building the online part of your business, you’ll want a more robust product, capable of more than just landing pages. You’ll find the next section more helpful in this regard.


The Thrive Membership and LeadPages Pro is a much more interesting and helpful comparison if you’re looking to grow the online part of your business long term. They are products focused on generating more leads and conversions

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