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Outcomes Over Office Hours with Tina Paterson

Interview with Remote Work Specialist Tina Paterson

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming Corporate Culture Pioneer and author of Effective Remote Teams, Tina Paterson to talk about how to lead your team to achieve extraordinary outcomes without suffering burnout.

Tina’s clients include Amazon, Microsoft, GE and Sky. Tina has led large departments, governed billions of dollars of assets, and steered teams to deliver transformation programs and projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tina is a wife and mother, a multiple marathon runner, and million-dollar charity fundraiser. She takes three-moth family sabbatical every five years, runs a successful business with clients across six continents, and nurtures 10k+ blog followers.

There’s a stigma in pockets of the business world associated with not being in the office Monday to Friday from 9-5, one that implies being lazy or unproductive. However, that’s an old-world view. The ultimatum of a successful career at the expense of happiness, health or family is not operable, appealing or effective.

Working 100+ hours a week, running from one meeting to the next, being ‘always on’… it’s exhausting. And it’s counter-intuitive to being productive. This is where Tina is instrumental. She is the global expert for working smarter in remote teams. Her program supports a shift away from the delusion of progress to delivering extraordinary results in fewer hours.

Accordingly, Tina delivers world-class pioneering programs for global leaders with a progressive mindset. They are leaders who are passionate about people and outcomes. Leaders who are ready to elevate the cultural transformation of their business.

With proven results built on foundations of more than 20 years of experience, Tina’s energy, innovation and passion to empower highly effective work practices in people, will transform the way you do business and deliver sustainable outcomes for your customers and organisation alike.

As Tina puts it, working smarter is about shifting the way your business approaches where and when people work. Instead of viewing volume of hours or meetings attended as productive, focus on outcomes for your people, customers and organisations. Quality over quantity, working smarter not harder. Learn how to free up wasted hours and reinvest them in the things that count.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Tina directly, click the link below.

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