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Interview With Tonya Todd

The Power Of Author Networking

Interview with Tonya Todd

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show author, actress and activist, Tonya Todd, talking about the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference, Networking and The 52 Love Podcast.

Tonya is a Las Vegas author, actress and screenwriter, who advocates for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment world. When not on stage or on screen, Tonya serves as an Education Chair for Henderson Writers Group.

Tonya hosts ‘The 52 Love Podcast’ is co-chair for The LGBTQ Writers Workshop, and is a submissions reader for Black Mountain Institute’s literacy publication, ‘Witness’.

This was a wonderful call filled with insights into Tonya’s world; and if you’re an aspiring writer, actor or screenwriter, then this call will have something that will inspire you to take that next step.

To learn more about Tonya’s work, or to contact her directly, click the link below.

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