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trademarks and your business

Trademarks and your business – do they matter?

Before we dive in, I first want to say how privileged and thankful I feel to have had not one, but two interview sessions with Joanna Oakey talking about trademarks.

Two times? Yes – two times! First time I had the dreaded experience of losing the recording. That said, without missing a beat, Joanna took it in her stride and was happy to record the call again – thank you, Joanna, that meant a lot!

Now, in this call, Joanna and I will go into some depth about trademark. We’ll touch on what they are, what they do, when you should consider registering a trademark, the different types of trademarks and so on.

This is an important topic that touched My Future Business early on in that we did not realise that we were operating our business using a very similar name to another organisation who had a registered their trademark using similar classifications. Once bitten, twice shy!

The saving grace for us, was an exceptionally nice legal representative from their side, who was able to help us secure My Future Business as a registered trade mark by making certain changes to our classifications that would not overlap with their existing registered mark.

With that story comes both a warning, and an opportunity. The warning is not to wait, find out if and why you should register your trademark based on what Joanna talks about during the call. The opportunity, on the other hand, comes from having access to this recording and the knowledge revealed by Joanna throughout.

Joanna is the owner of Aspect Legal based in New South Wales, Australia. Their focus is on commercial law, and she has a passion for helping larger corporations and small to medium enterprises. I highly recommend Aspect Legal and encourage you to touch base with her to discuss your trademark and other commercial legal questions and concerns you might have.

Click Here To Make Contact With Joanna At Aspect Legal

Now, as always, get a note pad and pen, sit back, and enjoy the call.

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