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Interview With Lior Gantz Wealth Research Group on Stock Market and Real Estate

Interview with LIOR GANTZ Wealth Creation Group

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming back the founder and CEO of Wealth Research Group Mr. LIOR GANTZ for his insights into the stock market and real estate.

On this content rich call, Lior and I talk about a long list of relevant topics, including how the pandemic is impacting the stock market, opportunities hidden in plain sight, and how globalization is changing as a result of the pandemic.

We also take a closer look at the recent issue surrounding Game Stop, and how hedge funds are now not the only ones ‘shorting’, or ‘short squeezing’ this stock. This is a really interesting development on how a large groups of Reddit users are working together to do exactly the same thing hedge funds have always done.

Lior also provides an update on how the recent transition of power has impacted the stock market and real estate, which is experiencing renewed interest, and some of the things to think about if you’re considering investing at this time.

During this content-rich call, Lior and I also take a look at how electric vehicles, and their base minerals such as lithium, iron and molybdenum, that make lithium-ion batteries, are starting to gain momentum, and what the future holds as an investor.

So much great content on this call, so if you want to understand investment principles, stocks, how to generate passive income streams, setting up robust financial controls, and how to compound the value of your assets every day, make sure to listen in to this call.

To download Lior’s popular Wealth Research Group newsletter, click the link below.

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