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This is a well written podcast book for business owners


Yes, I would recommend this book to others

The most important thing I learnt from this book was how to podcast

I would like to see more instructions

This is a great book for business owners

Nick Ruske

This Really is The Complete Podcasting System


While the book is aimed at people who are interested in adding podcasting to their business, it is full of vital information that definitely help you go forward in all areas of your business. This book contains explanations that I understood, and it's the first time I've read a book that wasn't filled with gibberish and techno-babble that most people don't understand. Welcome To The Show 1.0 is a worthwhile read for business owners wanting to add podcasting to their business!

Hank Quense Author

Sage Insights with Business Principles that Deliver Results!


Very positive book experience. I was surprised with the quantity of rich content, that was packaged in manageable bites for readers to mentally digest. The layout of the book and presentation makes it very easy for readers to navigate content. This book can be entertained in one sitting, or can be read among a few breaks. The book 's aesthetics are ready friendly to the eyes and mind. "Welcome to the Show' delivers rich information that new and established entrepreneurs can leverage when executing their business mission. It serves as a strategic resource for entrepreneurs to question their WHY for existing in the market. The book presents vital knowledge that entrepreneurs need to reflect upon when raising awareness of their products, services and overall message. Business success is not actualized overnight. Rick laces anecdotes and sage business advice delivered through a clear structured outline of principles that are proven to elevate a brand's image, increase ROI AND attract new global consumers. His custom insights are valuable to all members of an organization. Every business has a message. Is your message reaching the right audiences? " Thank you for including me in celebrating your book!

Sasha Laghonh CEO

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Rick Nuske