Hi, and welcome to the My Profitable Podcast Business WHAT IS A PODCAST page.

In this section, we’re going to be defining what a podcast is, how it can change the entire dynamic of your business, and how you can use it to improve your bottom line month on month.

So, what is a podcast?

By definition, a podcast is a pre-recorded audio/video file, that someone can access, listen to or watch.

A podcast can be streamed live online, or it can be downloaded and listened to or watched, whilst offline.

So, what makes a podcast a podcast, instead of just a standard audio or audio/video file? Well, the short answer is when someone can subscribe to your show, usually via what is referred to as an RSS feed.

As an example, say you use iTunes as your ‘podcatcher’. When you subscribe to your favorite podcast show, each new episode will be made available to you on your chosen device.

A way to look at a podcast, or podcast show, is that a podcast is made up of a series of podcast files made available over time, whereas a podcast episode is one episode within a podcast series.

Go back to good ol’ days or radio or early tv, where everyone would gather around to watch or listen in to their favorite show. Shows were broadcast at certain times, and if you weren’t there to be entertained, then you missed out.

Fast-forward to today, and the idea of broadcasting at certain times, is becoming obsolete. When a podcast episode is created, using RSS subscription, you have a way to capture and consume your favorite audio or video podcast episodes whenever, and wherever you choose.

So how does a podcast work?

To access your favorite podcast shows, you need access to the internet, and a device to download each episode. When a new podcast episode is distributed by the content creator, you will receive a notification informing you that a new episode is available on your device.

You can download your favorite podcast episodes onto your smart phone, pc, mp3 player or other portable device, and take your podcast episodes with you wherever you go.

The reason podcasting is growing rapidly, comes down to three things. The first, is that there is a low barrier to entry – anyone can do it. All you need to get your podcast show up and running, is a computer, a microphone, video recorder for video podcasting, and software for editing your episodes.


To understand the subscription process, find one podcast that talks about topics that interest you and subscribe to their show.

Write down topics that you would want to discuss on your own podcast show.

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