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Who uses Drift Chat Software To Book Meetings?

What is Drift? [connecting, booking and converting leads into clients]

This was an interesting review because it was not on my radar at all.

That said, after reviewing what DRIFT actually did, I have to say that I am impressed.

From here, it will likely be used to connect, engage and schedule meetings with our audience because of how easy it is to use.

And one of the things I really liked about it is that to reduce server load and response times, you can skip through the on-boarding process and you don’t need to put Drift on your website in order to create a profile.


In review, what I can tell you is that Drift is a sales communication platform that helps businesses generate more leads and close deals faster using messaging.

Nine out of ten consumers want to be able to use messaging to talk to businesses today, and when you have a website experience that matches, you won’t just get happier visitors — you’ll get more leads and you’ll close more deals.


As the DRIFT platform is still new to My Future Business, I’ll more than likely do another review about DRIFT once we have some solid data on it’s performance.

That being said, my initial thoughts – great concept, intuitive interface and importantly – easy to use.

What are your thoughts on DRIFT?

Have you used it before?

Would love your feedback so leave your comments below.

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