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My Future Business Show Interview With ZIGGY SHAFFER

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with independent artist and founder of the home-grown music and video production label ‘Wrapped and Tightly Twisted Productions’, Ziggy Shaffer aka ‘ZigZag’ talking about his brand, what it means to be an artist as opposed to an entrepreneur, and the techniques he uses to create content.

Ziggy is inspired by the likes of Snoop Dog, Eminem and other dominant artist in this space, including Minnesota artist Sean Daley. Much of the style of these artists you will recognize in the upcoming Wrapped and Tightly Twisted album set for release February 2021.

With regard to video creation, ZigZag takes much of his inspiration from the likes of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, which in his latest single ‘Don’t Forget Me’, you will recognize the Hitchcockian style of filmmaking by framing shots to generate suspense and allude to various acts, which ultimately leaves much up to the viewers imagination.

This is a call full of experience-driven insights. Not only does ZigZag open up and share many of his personal experiences, he also talks about the struggle he faces as he considers how being an artist first then entrepreneur, forced him to think about his artistic ethics, and ultimately, what he really wants from his label.

There is a lot to unpack on this call, and for aspiring artists in any genre, there is a common thread throughout; which is to have the skills, tenacity, courage, commitment and persistence to achieve your goals.

To learn more about Wrapped and Tightly Twisted Productions, or to contact Ziggy directly, click the link below.

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