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My Future Business Interview with MARCI BROCKMANN

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with author of 'Permission to Land' MARCI BROCKMANN.

In addition to her work as an author, Marci loves her role as a high school English teacher. In fact, much of her own identity and meaning comes from working with adolescents and helping them make sense of the world.

Marci is a creative person through and through, and has loved painting since the first time she found herself underneath a school room craft table pretending to paint Michelangelo’s Sixteenth Chapel.

Marci’s new book ‘Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging’ is about growing up in a family with mental illness and addiction, and how growing up in that environment impacted her sense of self, and her relationships.

Permission to Land traces patterns of Marci’s behavior that resulted from being exposure to a family setting where mental illness, addiction and neglect were present, which ultimately allowed Marci to make sense of her life in a more complete and healthy way.

This is a wonderful down to earth call where Marci opens up and shares many stories about her life, and how expressive journaling, and writing Permission to Land, helped her work through life’s challenges head on.  

Permission to Land is accompanied by Marci’s online programs which are the culmination of the work that Marci has done, that will help you work through challenges you might be facing right now. 

Marci is also offering a free digital copy of Permission to Land: Personal Transformation Through Writing Free mini self-paced course, which you can access via the link below.

To get your copy of Permission to Land, access to the mini course, or to contact Marci, click the link below.

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Thanks again Marci, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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